War on Terrorism
119 out of 191 say NO to war.
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From: Sage of Halo 2 | Posted: 10/17/2002 1:46:25 PM | Message Detail
This must be a joke.

I honestly didn't know that other people in this country could be so ignorant. I knew there was a certain level of ignorance, but not this bad.
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From: demetz4386 | Posted: 10/17/2002 1:46:42 PM | Message Detail
Do you know anything about the UN at all? The united states has made up the majority of just about anything the UN actually does and has a permanent seat on the UN security council. Permanent members of the UN Security Council hold veto power over any military action that that the UN tries to do. Now I ask you this: "For what possible reason would the US ever choose to not veto something that would use UN troops directly against the US?"

On a further note, why would the countries of Europe/Asia/Africa even begin to consider going to war with America for attacking a nuisance like Iraq, when most likely outcome would be stalemate and cripple their economies in the process?

(I say stalemate, not because I think America is big and bad, but because if it was the world vs America, the second Canada and Mexico would be invaded and due to those countries' rather lacking militaries, they would lose quite quickly. After that, th rest of the world would have to come up with an amphibious invasion which is a very dangerous thing to try against a well defended area. At the same time, it would be difficult for America to do amphibious invasions of every country in the world.
outcome = stalemate and crashed economies)
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From: wvfoos | Posted: 10/17/2002 2:02:51 PM | Message Detail
"This time I´m questioning your sanity, and this time I´m serious. I´m sure the Chinese thinks the same about China vs World."

Too bad you weren't here a couple of months ago. When this issue was first brought up. I'm sure china may think that, but they are wrong. The us would rule the seas. China's navy? What, they got like 2, 3 maybe, carriers? Sure they have a huge army. But that army could never get anywhere outside of china without being destroyed. Our carrier groups would control basically any naval activity that would be of any consequence.

"If USA falls both military and economically, Europe falls as well - and it´s the same the other way around too - believe it or not."

One, the us wouldn't fall militarily. If we gear up for war, and the country is mobilized for such, no other country on the planet can even come close to our production. Especially when you consider what we'd produce.

Economically? Sure there'd be a hit. Never said there wouldn't, but as someone on here also said, we wouldn't take near the economic hit everyone else would.

I think that America will lose if they try to attack Baghdad. ~ willybeamish. Hey willy! I got bridge for sale!!
From: Sage of Halo 2 | Posted: 10/17/2002 2:06:54 PM | Message Detail
The problem with that argument is that you are assuming that the American government would have support from the American people.

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From: Sage of Halo 2 | Posted: 10/17/2002 2:08:02 PM | Message Detail
And my comment is to demetz's post.
Immense bliss and a new keyboard don't mix well. -Aggrosk8er
From: Super Maximum Zero | Posted: 10/17/2002 2:36:17 PM | Message Detail
The war on Iraq IS supported by 66%.
unless you get your stitistics off democrats.com, you'd know

...or if you're talking about the against the world,uhhh, what started it?
"We should be targeting the weapons of mass destruction, not the regime."
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From: Sage of Halo 2 | Posted: 10/17/2002 2:45:24 PM | Message Detail
A poll was done by the New York Times/CBS News that says that 70% of Americans would rather hear about the economy rather than the war with Iraq.

Conclusion? Polls are useless and are rarely done properly.

And we were talking about a hypothetical US vs. World situation.

Immense bliss and a new keyboard don't mix well. -Aggrosk8er
From: Sage of Halo 2 | Posted: 10/17/2002 2:48:25 PM | Message Detail
Ahh, defeated by repetition.
Immense bliss and a new keyboard don't mix well. -Aggrosk8er
From: EvilYellowDucks | Posted: 10/17/2002 2:52:12 PM | Message Detail
It is truly a sad world (as it always has been) when the person with the larger force gets its way. Right now in the world, the US is the military leader by far, with only very little actual competition from China. Hopefully that will change someday (OK it WILL change).

Oh and by the way you ninkumpoops, the UN is opposing war with Iraq as a majority, they're not trying to invade you or really try to stop you. Unfortunately the USA IS a major military power, so they can do whatever they want--although you must all still remember, it doesn't make it right--.
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From: SSJTOM | Posted: 10/17/2002 3:18:05 PM | Message Detail
ok so lets just say America does go to war with Iraq and the UN magicly grows some fortitude. WHO'S GONNA STOP AMERICA? I'd like to see what countries voted Yes and which ones voted No.

Russia? if they voted no which I belive they probably did they still wont do anythign, sure they whined about the UN going into Kosovo but that's all Russia is no Talk.

Canada, Well being Canadian I'd like to see my prime minister use some damned common sense once in a while what with his flip flopping all the time I dont even know where my own country stands on this but it is probably leaning towards Yes

Britan: Yes, oh God Yes. so they may not be a super power but Still a major player.

I bet most of those countries that voted couldnt stand up to the Canadian Armed Forces let alone America's which drawfs ours in Size and Power
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