Happy two year anniversary!


Added 20 new series. Updated 3 series. Adjusted links page.


Added 4 new series. Updated 7 series.


Added 2 new series. Updated 3 series. Added new scans.


Added 11 new series. Updated 9 series.


Added one new series.


This will be the last update I make in a couple of months. Don't worry, I'll still be keeping track of new manga translations, and will add them all in due time.


Added 16 new series. Updated 5 series. Added new links.


Updated 2 series.


Added a few more scanned pages.


Added some new scans.


Added two small series.


Added two new series.


Added one new series.


Wow, I totally missed my website's monthaversary. Oh well.

Added one new series.


Added one new series, updated three others.


Added one new series and updated another.


Added two new series.


Added 5 new series, and updated 5 others.


Wow, almost one whole month since my last update. School really is a bitch, isn't it? Anyway, I added one new series. Not much I know, but I'm sitting on quite a few scans that I'll post real soon.


Added 4 new series.


Moved site (again). I realized 50 megs is a horrible server that doesn't take kindly to my text files. So here I am, back on tripod.

New Ayashi no Ceres and Crossbone Gundam scans. I put the individual .jpg's for zipped parts on my 50megs account. So if you don't like huge zip files, proceed here for Ayashi scans, and here for my Gundam scans.


Added two new series and updated an old one. New scans coming soon. I promise. ^_^


Moved site. I now realize that this website is best left a secret.

Made a few minor updates. I took down the individual pages to Ayashi no Ceres part 1 to make room for part 2. Also, check out the HTML on most of the pages. I added a 'return to index' tag at the bottom of each page.

Removed poll.


Added one new link. Otaku: No Life is a fantastic site containing about 100 pages worth of manga scans. So if you're a scan fan or a "I'm too cheap to buy a $4 comic book" kind of person, go to this site!

Moved to "other" section to my xoom account.

Added a bunch of new Ayashi scans. So part 1 is finished (and can now be downloaded in .zip format!).


Removed Manga of the Month section in an effort to conserve space. It will be missed.

Added new Gundam and Ayashi no Ceres scans.

Updated a bunch of translations.

Added 1 new series in the translations section and added two new links to the links page.


Added 5 new series.

Added new Crossbone Gundam scans. Ayashi no Ceres fans will have to wait until Friday.


Added CLOVER translations.


Added one new translation.


WoooHoooo!!! This site has been open for two months! *ahem* As for updates.

Updated the Links and FAQ pages.

Added Manga of the Month Section. Expect updates in that section beginning September 1st.

Made a preliminary list of all the comercially released manga in the U.S. The list is still in its drafting stage, hopefully it will grow and complete itself in time.

Added a new "other" section.


Added a FAQ... I'll put some questions on it tomorrow. ^_^

By the way, expect a bigger update to celebrate my second monthaversary tomorrow.


Ok folks, let me tell it to you strait. After 2 hours of scouring the net, I couldn't find one new translation. So what does that mean for the future of this site you ask. Well, it means two things. First thing is that I'll have alot more time to work on the scans. And the second thing is that I'll have alot more time to create new sections. But there's yet another problem. This site takes up about 39 megabytes of memory. My limit on Tripod is 50 megabytes. I am 11 megabytes away from never updating this site again unless I find a different server or split-up the site. Currently I'm reviewing my options and waiting. There is a possibility that I will move the scans to a different site in the near future, but at this point, nothing is certain.

On a side note, I found a site that has volume 1 of Gundam Crossbone already scanned. Fourtunetly (for me), the scans no longer existed on his page. So I will continue my work on Gundam Crossbone and hopefully begin to scan a new manga very soon.


Added a bunch of new scanned pages. I hope I'm coming close to perfecting the process, this batch is ten times better than the last!


That poll is starting to really annoy me (the code was screwed up and made it impossible to view my index page). Anyway, one more problem and I'm gonna get rid of it.

Expect new scans tomorrow.


Added a poll for no particular reason..


Added 17 new series.

By the way, don't expect any new scans until (at least) the 24th.


Added Phase 2 which is now called Scans . Make sure to go there for exclusive scans brought to you by the great Plotong (me).

Added a bunch of new series and updated Ayashi no Ceres and Patlabor.


Added seven new series and updated 3x3 Eyes.

Added four more series.


Added 9 "iffy" series.


Still working on Phase 2.

Added five new (small) series from sunet.se .


Created a link to Phase 2 on the main page.


Added 15 new series. I now have 100 titles in my database, and will now begin Phase 2 of this website. Stay tuned.

Updated Kodomo no Omocha


Added five very pitifully small and unorganized series.

Added four more new series.


Added E-Mail link on from page.

Color-coded pages.


Added links to "links" page.


Added 4 small series.

Cleaned up front page, added new "updates" and "links" sections.


Added five new series.


Moved site. Removed Links section for renovational purposes.


Added six small series. Planning a few changes to the site (possibly a move). Check back later.


Added one title. Expect bigger update tomorrow.

Updated The Living Game.


Added two small series.


Added Dragon Ball volume 37, a translation I didn't even know existed.

Added five series. Tried to do this last night, but the FTP wasn't working.


Usually I don't read author's disclaimers (they'll usually say not to post the work), but Tasuki no Miko won't let me miss it. I'd just like to say that Tasuki no Miko is the best translator ever born and she has written the best Fushigi Yuugi translations on the internet... Anyway, I did put up her translations as well as ones done by Reika-chan . Please go to both their pages!

Added three more series and reached my original goal of 50. After today, I will be taking a week off to work on my other pages. Check my links page to see what they're about.

Added Series and Links Page.


Transferred files from Katsura Manga Scripts , I suggest you go there for the most current translations.


Transferred A You Higuri Collection here.

Updated Yokohama Shopping Diary, and Violinist of Hamelim

Put up 5 new series, including that monster Ruroni Kenshin.


Added Ah! My Goddess, Ayashi no Ceres, and Angelic Layer.

Transfered all translations from Matt's Little Corner.

Added Ranma 1/2, Area 88, KOR, and Futaba-kun Changes.


Put up files from The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko, please go there for a better explaination and current updates of the translations.

Added Inu-Yasha, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Sazen (3x3) Eyes.

Video Girl Ai translations are now up.


Put up DNA^2 translations and added to Dragonball section.

X translations are now up.

Uploaded Usagi North's Dragonball, and Kazunori Kushida's Gundam Crossbone scripts.


Put up all of Kaine's translations.

Added link to X and Gundam pages. Still no translations though.

Added link to Dragonball page. Still no translations.


Created page. No translations up.

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